Travelling? On your way home from work?

A Smart Thermostat uses Wi-Fi enabled apps to control the temperature of your home anywhere in the world. 

Save on utility costs and have the ultimate comfort in your home ready for you to walk through the door!



"Alexa, turn the thermostat down." Not only does the Ecobee 4 come with a room sensor that helps to manage hot or cold spots, it's also equipped with Alexa. A built in Amazon voice service which allows you to do simple tasks like order groceries and read the news. No one will ever have to know you slept through the Superbowl, Alexa will keep you up to date with all the scores!



The Lyric T6 Pro is easy to use and conveniently fits into your lifestyle. Control your thermostat from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet. All the features of a Smart Thermostat and is cost effective!

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